About Us

A few aussies on a mission to make construction sites safer and more efficient.

Our Ethos

With strong backgrounds in design and engineering, we're not building another clunky construction product.

Our primary focus is on the user experience of everyone who engages with the platform - from business owners in head office to tradespeople on site.

It doesn't make sense to us why construction is the last industry to get modern software, so we're changing that.

If you want to use a product that is developed by a local Australian team of software engineers that will listen to and implement your feedback, then you've come to the right place!

Our Team


Matt Perrott

Switching from civil engineering into the software world, Matt has always been fascinated by construction tech.

Most of his time is spent with builders and subcontractors brainstorming better ways to manage safety, but when he's not he'll be finding his way to the coast for a surf.


Aaron Vanston

Having managed large teams of software developers at SEEK and realestate.com.au, Aaron is applying that experience to construction.

When he's not cutting clean code you can find all 6'7" of him laying spikes on the volleyball field.

Construction Lead

Jon Benjamin

Having worked as a contract administrator at both small and large builders, Jon has developed a unique overview of the industry.

You won't find a guy that gets more excited about construction tech!

Principal Engineer

James Formica

James is a rare kind of unicorn developer. He's got the trifecta of being able to make features pretty, performant and functional.

If he's not improving the BuildPass codebase, he's probably improving his guitar skills on one his many guitars, or trying to escape from his noisy cat.


Jonno Lindsay

With a background in marketing & product, equipped with an MBA, and having led both consumer and tech businesses as COO, Jonno brings invaluable experience in running a startup.

On top of his contrarion perspectives, he's also quite the conspiracist, often doubting the existence of famous household chocolate brands like the Yowie.

Graphic Designer

Tessa Kent

She's a graphic designer, but like any good startup employee, Tessa can wear many hats.

From graphic design, to user experience, to social media and photography - she's got it all!⁠

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